How Can I Help?

This project needs your help. Please write and call our elected and city officials voicing your support!

Please consider writing the Planning Board, Town Council and Staff to encourage the town to “do the right thing” in clearly allowing a pathway for well planned, well- regulated and coordinated mixed-use walkable development that reduces the reliance on vehicular travel, and encourages an outdoor and pedestrian-friendly lifestyle community.

This Text Amendment district (MPVD) is a necessary step for us to have the tools to create Summerfield Farms Village. Our community influence is more important than ever in showing support of this district and understanding the need for this district to provide options for downsizer housing, elderly care housing, and housing for young working families and service workers as our town grows and matures.

This district will allow our town to think strategically about town building when considering zoning of land and housing costs. The proposed UDO creates high land development costs, strict open space requirements, and large minimum lot sizes for all types of housing. These stringent guidelines do not sufficiently provide for clustering, preservation of rural vistas and long views, and lack the tools necessary for sustainable land planning, as the Comprehensive Plan states.

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Mayor: BJ Barnes (Current term ends 12/2021)
(home) 336-643-5972


Mayor Pro-Tem: Tim Sessoms (Current term ends 12/2021)
(mobile) 336-803-0322


Council member: Lynne Williams DeVaney (Current term ends 12/2023)
(mobile) 336-215-5335


Council member: John O’Day (Current term ends 12/2023)
(mobile) 336-392-6517


Council member: Teresa Perryman (Current term ends 12/2021)
(home) 336-643-2610


Council member: Reece Walker (Current term ends 12/2023)
(mobile) 336-706-3195


Richard L. (Dick) Feulner, Chair (Current term ends 7/2024)
(home) 336-643-5680


George (Jeff) Davis, Vice-Chair (Current term ends 7/2023)
(mobile) 610-308-0958


Kathy Rooney (Current term ends 7/2022)
(mobile) 336-643-7878


Trudy Whitacre (Current term ends 7/2024)
(home) 336-643-2131


Walter Doggett (Clark) (Current term ends 10/2023)
(home) 336-202-8899


Clint Babcock (Current term ends 7/2023)
(home) 336-918-0256


Chris York, Town Planner
(work) 336-643-8681



Lance Heater, Town Clerk
(work) 336-643-8655



Bob Hornik, Town Attorney